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About Us.

In 1866, Henry A. Sherwin invested $2000, his entire life savings, forming a partnership called The Truman-Dunham Company of Ohio which focused on the distribution of pigments, paints and oils. Four years later, that partnership was dissolved and Henry organized a new partnership with Edward P. Williams — of course the rest is history. Sherwin-Williams Company went on to become one of the longest lived and truly American success stories in US business history. From those early days the central theme developed and has always been at the core of what we do – innovate, manufacture a quality product and provide superior service; service that centers around you, our valued customer and it continues today. Seems a simple message but it takes a dedicated and knowledgeable team of people to ensure those core themes are achievable and never forgotten.

Sherwin-Williams expanded its product line in the early 1980's with the acquisition of Dutch Boy and Baltimore Paints — with that acquisition came an entire line of superior traffic marking materials. Each year our industry has seen an ever increasing demand for durability and performance as safety standards have necessarily tightened. As a company we are proud of our contribution to the continuing search for the best product for the right application that ensures optimal safety to the traveling public. Why? Because people matter. Sherwin Williams employees share the road; we're vested in helping ensure the best possible transportation outcome so we dedicate our efforts to you the customer, your families and all our fellow citizens.